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Lecture Logistics

Lectures will be held in-person at 1-190 (campus map).

Lecture notes

Download link (updated to Lecture 15)

2023 Course Schedule (tentative)

Event            Course DateLectureReadingLogistic
Lecture 1Feb. 07Introduction
Lecture 2Feb. 09Simple Decision Making
slides, video
Bandits: Chapter 6, 7, 8, 9; Contextual Bandits: Chapter 18, 19; LinUCB: paper.
Lecture 3Feb. 14On-policy Learning
slides, video
HW1 Released
Lecture 4Feb. 16Variance Reduction in On-Policy Learning
slides, video
HolidayFeb. 21HW2 Released
(No class)
Lecture 5Feb. 23Advanced Policy Gradients
slides, video
Lecture 6Feb. 28Reward Design & Shaping
slides, video
Lexture 7Mar. 02Learning from Demonstration
slides, video
HW3 Released
Lecture 8Mar. 07Learning from Demonstration (cont'd) reward design slides, learning from demonstrations slides, video
Lecture 9Mar. 09Learning from Demonstration (cont'd)
HW4 Released
Lecture 10Mar. 14Markov Assumption
markov assumption slides, video
Lecture 11Mar. 16Transfer from Simulation to Real World
slides, video
HW5 Released, Project Proposal Due
Lecture 12Mar. 21Inverse Reinforcement Learning, Model-Based Reinforcement Learning
slides, video
Lecture 13Mar. 23Model Learning
model learning slides, video
HW6 Released
HolidayMar. 28Spring break
(No class)
HolidayMar. 30Spring break
(No class)
Lecture 14Apr. 4Learning Forward and Inverse Models
Lecture 15Apr. 6Tabular RL
slides video
Lecture 16Apr. 11Deep Q-Learning
slides, video
Lecture 17Apr. 13Deep Q-Learning
HW8 Released
Lecture 18Apr. 18Offline RL
slides, video
Project Midterm Report Due
Lecture 19Apr. 20Goal and Multi-Task Learning
slides, video
Lecture 20Apr. 25Goal and Multi-Task Learning (cont'd)
Lecture 21Apr. 27Hierarchical RL
Lecture 22May. 02Curriculum Learning
slides, video
Lecture 23May. 04Exploration in RL slides
Lecture 24May 09Wrapping Up
reading, video
Lecture 25May 11Project Presentationsvideo
Lecture 26May 16Project Presentations