Lectures (Spring 2021)

Lecture Logistics#

Lectures will be held over Zoom, then posted to Youtube. For the Zoom link, please refer to the course Piazza.

Course Schedule#

Lecture02/16/2021Introduction [video] [slides]
Lecture02/18/2021Simple Decision Making [video] [slides]Bandits: Chapter 6, 7, 8, 9
Contextual Bandits: Chapter 18, 19
LinUCB: paper
HW1 Released
Lecture02/23/2021Solving Sequential Decision Making
in Tabular Setups [video] [slides 1] [slides 2]
Lecture02/25/2021Deep Q-Learning [video] [slides]HW2 Released
Lecture03/02/2021Simulators, Benchmarks and Large Scale Experiments [video] [slides]
Lecture03/04/2021On-policy Learning [video] [slides]HW3 Released
Holiday03/09/2021No class
Lecture03/11/2021Advanced Policy Gradients [video] [slides]HW4 Released
Lecture03/16/2021Reward Design & Shaping [video] [slides]
Lecture03/18/2021Advanced Deep Learning Topics [video] [slides]HW5 Released
Project Proposal Due
Holiday03/23/2021Student Holiday
(No class)
Lecture03/25/2021Transfer from Simulation to Real World [video] [slides]
Lecture03/30/2021Lifelong and Transfer Learning [video] [slides]
Lecture04/01/2021Imitation Learning [video] [slides]HW6 Released
Lecture04/06/2021Inverse Reinforcement Learning [video] [slides]
Lecture04/08/2021Learning with Models [video] [slides]HW7 Released
Lecture04/13/2021Self-Supervised Learning [video] [slides]
Lecture04/15/2021Self-Supervised Learning Part 2 [video] [slides 1] [slides 2]Project Midterm Report Due
Holiday04/20/2021Patriots Day (Holiday)
Lecture04/22/2021Doing for our robots what nature did for us
(Guest lecture with Leslie Kaelbling) [video] [slides]
Lecture04/27/2021Task Specification Problem [video] [slides]HW8 Released
Lecture04/29/2021Curriculum Learning and Exploration [video] [slides]
Lecture05/04/2021Exploration, Offline RL and Self-Play I [video] [slides]
Lecture05/06/2021Exploration, Offline RL and Self-Play II [video] [slides]
Lecture05/11/2021Guest lecture with Cathy Wu [video]
Lecture05/13/2021Wrapping up [video] [slides]
Lecture05/18/2021Project Presentations [video]
Lecture05/20/2021Project Presentations [video]Project Final Report Due